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Research focus

Research at the biochemistry division focuses on the analysis of molecular mechanisms and signal transduction pathways underlying the regulation of primary metabolism and cellular communication in plants. Applying molecular physiology and phytopathogical methods intra- as well as inter-organismic interactions are studied. Moreover, biotechnological approaches to optimize crop plants are followed.

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After a one-year delay due to the pandemic, the International Conference of the German Society for Plant Sciences was able to take place in Bonn in August of this year. Here, all the latest findings from plant science are presented, which were under the motto "Plant science for a sustainable future"...

Category: news

After pandemic years were no annual works outing was possible we gathered in the green hills near Ebermannstadt for a hiking tour which lead us on a 6 mile long Planet trail. We enjoyed a great barbecue event at the Sonnewald home in the evening.

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The Cassava Source-Sink consortium was able to hold its first in persona meeting in Bonn Bad-Godesberg since the start of the pandemic. International experts in plant biotechnology, plant metabolism, plant development and phenotyping gathered near the beautiful Rhine River to exchange new results fr...