Research at the biochemistry division focuses around basic aspects of molecular plant biochemistry, plant physiology and plant biotechnology. This includes studies within the following areas:

  • Photosynthetic carbon fixation and its use for the synthesis of low and high molecular weight compounds of primary and secondary metabolism
  • Regulation of plant metabolism by biotic and abiotic environmental stimuli
  • Post-harvest physiology of vegetative and generative storage organs
  • Regulatory networks integrating simultaneously operating metabolic pathways
  • Improved food and feed sources with reduced allergenic potential and increased nutritional value
  • Synthetic Biology

With these studies we aim at contributing to the improvement of agronomic performance of crop plants. In addition, analytic tools for monitoring subtle changes in transcript, protein and metabolite abundance are developed and provided for modern plant. Beside plants, fungi, viruses and bacteria are included in our research and serve as models for plant-microbial interactions.

Research groups


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