Botany Conference 2022 – Bonn

Botany conference 2022 - Bonn
Selina Beck and Franziska Eidloth at the International Conference of the German Society for Plant Sciences 2022

After a one-year delay due to the pandemic, the International Conference of the German Society for Plant Sciences was able to take place in Bonn in August of this year. Here, all the latest findings from plant science are presented, which were under the motto “Plant science for a sustainable future” depicting an important topic in view of global warming.

Two of our PhD students, Selina Beck and Franziska Eidloth, represented the work of our chair on site and were able to show their current research results at the poster session. Unfortunately, there was only a time slot of 1 ½ hours, since there was not enough space for all the posters and they had to be taken down again after the first day.

Nevertheless, this Conference enabled an exchange with other scientists, provided insights into many different subject areas of plant research and resulted in some new ideas. Partciluarly interesting was Nico Geldner’s lecture on his relevant findings on the Casparian strip and the proteins which play a role in its formation. Also very informative was the public lecture from Matin Qaim on the role of plant breeding for sustainable world nutrition which illustrated that transgenic plants can definitely play an important role in the coming years and can contribute to the preservation of our food.