Welcome Maryam!

Prof. Dr. Maryam Nasr Esfahani

Prof. Dr. Maryam Nasr Esfahani (Lorestan University, Khorramabad, Iran) is at the Chair of Biochemistry with the Humboldt Research Fellowship program for experienced researchers. Mrs. Prof. Dr. Maryam Nasr Esfahani studied plant sciences at the Universities of Golestan and Isfahan (Iran) and received her PhD from the University of Isfahan in 2011. She has been a professor at Lorestan University since 2011 and has headed the Department of Biology since 2017. In the course of her scientific career she has completed two research stays in Japan and Germany.

She started her research stay in November 2022 and will stay at FAU until June 2024. During this time Prof. Dr. Nasr Esfahani will work on her project to adapt potato plants to nutrient deficiencies and heat stress. Both stress factors are of outstanding importance for the climate adaptation of the potato, a topic that is being worked on intensively at the Chair of Biochemistry. Her work should help to make the potato, which is adapted to moderate temperatures, more heat-tolerant and nutrient-efficient.