VDLUFA congress in Freising

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134. VDLUFA congress in Freising:

From 5th to 8th of September 2023, the Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf (HSWT) hosted the 134. congress of the Vereinigung deutscher landwirtschaftlicher Forschungs- und Untersuchungsanstalten (VDLUFA) in Freising, Germany. Alexander Kaier, PhD student in our Biocomputing Lab, participated in this event that was held under the motto “Klimaanpassung und Ernährungssicherheit – Herausforderungen für die Landwirtschaft”. Here, he presented the current work of our group, which encompasses the mapping of the potato genome with regards to the identification of genomic regions that are associated with an elevated tolerance against heat stress. The findings could be of assistance in the development of cultivars that are more tolerant against future climatic conditions than the varieties grown nowadays. His presentation  as well as subsequent discussions led to a fruitful exchange of expertise, in which Alexander educated the participants about necessity and potential of modern plant breeding techniques. Vice versa, Alexander learned about the complexity of modern agricultural analytical techniques and gained insight in the efforts made by the research community to develop a sustainable agriculture of the future.

During the concluding excursion at the Freisinger Moos, a nearby marshland which serves as a test object to investigate sustainable agriculture, the participants learned about the interplay of agricultural utilization and restoration of natural habitats to generate sustainable and environmentally beneficial agriculture. Additionally, the excursion visited the organic seed farm “Gut Eichhof -Schlosskammer GmbH” and the german hop museum, during which participants gained insight in the agricultural practices of both past and modern times.